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Design #080 – 57m Stabilised monohull explorer yacht

With the speed and seaworthiness of a much larger vessel, this design is a unique blend of hull forms, construction methods, and onboard systems creating an exceptional platform for global exploration.

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Design #080 – 57m Stabilised monohull explorer yacht

  • Trimaran hull configuration results in high top and cruising speeds with excellent fuel efficiency and long range. The stabilised monohull with active ride control has excellent seakeeping and unparalleled ride comfort.
  • Diesel-electric drive system gives ultimate flexibility and 6000nm cruise at 18 knots. Transatlantic range non-stop at 22 knots with reserve
  • Stylish world cruiser with exceptional levels of comfort for 10 guests and 9 crew. 16 x 12m aft open deck space, user configurable space for handling of tenders, submarines etc.

Designed to travel the world, from relaxing cruising, intrepid arctic exploration or open ocean transits, the stabilised monohull explorer provides exceptional levels of comfort, safety, and speed.

The trimaran configuration is key to this vessel. It provides outstanding powering efficiency, seakeeping ability and comfort not possible with a monohull or catamaran. Bury Design’s experience in superyacht design and marine oil and gas applications has enabled the development of a unique vessel for global exploration.

The hull configuration consists of a long, narrow, and deep centre hull containing propulsive machinery. The dimensions of the outer hulls are tailored to provide initial stability and a low rate of roll and are engineered for minimal resistance.  The hull arrangement allows the vessel to operate in the open ocean comfortably at very high cruising speeds for long distances, perfect for a globe spanning explorer.

The vessel layout provides a very large working deck area aft with a highly configurable forward accommodation area. The low levels of vessel motion, both at sea and at rest, make this a good platform for helicopter operations. The helicopter configuration includes a touch and go landing platform forward with tender storage under.

Guest accommodation features upper and lower lounges, with expansive views from all spaces. With crew and service areas in the lower hull, the vessel has accommodation for 10 crew and 9 guests. The large aft deck area provides operational flexibility, allowing for tenders, water toys or submarines to be stowed and launched safely and easily. The aft deck is load rated with engineered hard patches to allow for specialised lifting equipment and containerised hardware, facilitating serious research and exploration missions.

Propulsion is diesel-electric with 4 x CAT diesel driven generators, powering twin 1100kw electric motors driving controllable pitch propellers. Construction is from unpainted aluminium alloy with high gloss features – the ultimate in resilient, economical, lightweight, maintenance free finishes.