Design #33 – HEY 60′

The brief was simple – a medium sized powerboat that traveled comfortably at a moderately high speed – efficiently. The quest for reduced power use lead to a hull design that is fundamentally different from that of a conventional planing powerboat. Instead, the hull is an easily driven shape that does not rely upon dynamic lift to reduce resistance. The shape is narrow, with a long waterline and a relatively low displacement. Together these factors produce a hull form that requires a mere fraction of the horsepower to drive it at moderate speeds.



In the pursuit of efficiency, comfort is not ignored. The long, narrow waterline reduces pitching motion and because the vessel does not change attitude when it runs there is little pounding at speed. The low centre of gravity combined with the narrow waterline reduces rolling motion in a seaway and improves the ultimate stability characteristics, and therefore safety, of the vessel. The installed Seakeeper gyro ensures that comfort in any sea state is assured.

The interior layout is designed for living not accommodating. In that sense hotel rooms with ensuites are done away with. Instead there is an open plan, versatile interior that offers many different configurations, allowing users to change things as daily requirements change.




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