Yacht design and naval architecture

Ongoing commercial stability analysis

Bury design is actively involved with the local commercial marine industry, providing ongoing technical services.

Stability measurement and certification works have been provided for the following vessels to Australian (NSCV) standards:




January – 24m steel fishing vessel

March – 24m fishing catamaran


October – 34m barge load line assignment

August – 18m steel fishing vessel

June – 14m steel fishing vessel

May – Seawind 1000

March – 8m aluminium catamaran workboat

January – Whitepointer Marine 26 hardtop


December – 40m car ferry

November – Nellie 10m passenger catamaran

October – 10m Sailing catamaran

September – MV Reeve 26 catamaran patrol vessel

June – 18m passenger catamaran

May – 6m passenger catamaran

March – Lauren 16m Fishing vessel

January – Polaris Marine, 5.5m RIB


December – 10m dumb barge

November – Offshore 30, Bass strait craft boats

November – Whitepointer Marine 26 hardtop

October – Constructor 3, 24m aluminium self propelled barge

September – 12m whale watch, passenger catamaran to TC standards

August- 55′ survey,  aluminium catamaran to USCG standard


November – Pam 65′  Pearling lugger, sailing passenger vessel

August – Alexander Stewart 60′ timber sailing passenger vessel

July- SV Curlip 60′ passenger vessel, stability review after reballasting


May – Whitepointer Marine 26 open

February – Whitepointer Marine 26 open

january – Farrier 44 sailing catamaran


November – Whitepointer Marine 26 open

October – 48′  Catamaran to USCG standards

April – 10m barge stability review

January – Cootacraft 18′ open coastguard vessel


September – Whitepointer 24 open offshore game fishing vessel

August- Jetboat 14.8m passenger vessel

March – Willard 40 passenger vessel

February – Calypso Star 23.8m LOA crew transfer vessel

February – Constructor2 23.8m LOA self propelled barge


November – Bent Rods Fishing  6.85m LOA fishing charter vessel

November – Cactus Jack  9.5m trawler

September – Monica III  16m seagoing fishing vessel

August – Edencraft Formula 233 open – 7.4m seagoing passenger/fishing vessel

June – Edencraft Formula 233 hardtop – 7.5m LOA seagoing passenger/fishing vessel

May – Fisheries Victoria – Seatrek – 7.5m  seagoing passenger vessel

May – Constructor – 23.9m self-propelled barge – seagoing commercial vessel

March – Apex 1 – Whitepointer 243 – 7.4m LOA seagoing passenger/fishing vessel

February – Edencraft Formula 233 softtop- 7.5m LOA seagoing passenger/fishing vessel


September – Coovara – 20.75m LOA seagoing fishing vessel. Extension and construction documentation

August – Southern Explorer – Whitepointer 243 – 7.4m LOA seagoing passenger/fishing vessel

August – True Blue – 10m LOA passenger/fishing vessel for use in sheltered waters

August –  Silver Star – 34.25m LOA seagoing passenger vessel – intact, damaged and load line calcs

July – Birrarung – 15.15m LOA passengers  vessel in sheltered waters  – intact, damaged stability

June – Terminator – Whitepointer 243 – 7.4m LOA seagoing passenger/fishing vessel


January – Curlip – 19.9m LOA passengers vessel in sheltered waters

Bury Designs structural design of RSYS pontoon

Working in conjunction with Carter Marine Group, Bury Design has developed both the gangway and floating pontoon design for the new Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.

Design of the gangway was particularily challenging as this structure was the only support for the floating pontoon and was subject to almost 20T distributed loading. A full FE analysis using Strand7 was undertaken of this gangway with design undertaken to Australian Standards.