Design #45 – 155′ Motor yacht for Asian market

Comfortable, stylish and efficient, this vessel offers a refreshing interpretation of the contemporary tri-deck motor yacht type.

Design #33 – HEY 60′

The brief was simple – a powerboat that traveled comfortably at a moderately high speed – efficiently.

Design #37 – 130′ Submarine support wave-piercing catamaran

Purpose designed to support a Triton Submarine built to accommodate 3 occupants in wheelchairs and a pilot, this vessel is a versatile platform for coastal trips. The wave-piercing hull will give a smooth ride whilst providing generous room for 3 cabins and machinery area each side.   On the main deck slide in module are […]

Design #35 – 95′ submarine support vessel

The Triton95 breaks new ground in terms of economy of operation, comfort and speed for world cruising.

Dsn. #02 – Double30

The double30 is a high performance daysailer capable of being sailed solo or crewed.

Design #29 – HEY Lobster 47′

Designed for the discerning client looking travel in comfort and style at a reasonable speed.

Design #13 – Unity24

Designed to cruise the world efficiently at moderate speeds, this composite cruiser offers many advantages.

Design #25 – 33′ Harbour Racer

Designed for an experienced sailor this yacht is drawn to be both a casual cruiser and a flat out racer.

Design #16 – Class40 racer

A class40 legal cruiser/racer for offshore passage making short handed.

Design #18 – Fractional60

1/4 the horsepower – 1/2 the weight – 2/3 the speed – 3 x the range

Design #19 – 65′ harbour racer

Intended for inshore use, this easily handled racer combines a large sailplan with great stability.